A360’s Blueprint for Change

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Download PDF

“What’s most significant about our design and approach? Look at A360's blueprint. Everything included in the blueprint has resonated in all three of our intervention countries, in four very different interventions, among varying contexts and backgrounds. To me, this illustrates the potential for A360's approach to be used by other programs and contexts.” —Amy Uccello, Sr. Technical Advisor, AYSRH, PSI

What is it?

A visual overview of the active ingredients that have helped us to deliver youth-powered contraceptive programming with and for girls— all with the flexibility to inform programming in various new contexts.

How did we use it?

We created this overview to help summarize what’s distinctive about A360’s three country interventions, to help others in considering how they might think differently about delivering contraceptive services with and for girls, to better meet and resonate with girls’ needs and views of their lives.

Consider using it to:

Familiarize yourself with key aspects of A360 that can be taken forward to develop youth-powered interventions of your own.