2. Insight Synthesis

Making It Meaningful, Together

Girls told us what they want. We did more than just listen. Our experts teamed up with young analysts to make sense of research findings and design interventions that deliver what girls say they need. We redefined what we thought we knew, interpreted evidence, and identified emerging themes. Side by side, our disciplinary experts and young analysts translated insights into new opportunities for AYSRH intervention design.


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FEATURED! Explore four resources from A360's Insight Synthesis Phase, handpicked for you by our team.
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Dear Future Implementer, don't miss these takeaways from our Insight Synthesis Phase." —A360 Team

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Featured Resources - Insight Synthesis
insight synthesis, ethiopia, nigeria, tanzania, data analysis, segmentation, planning, learning, youth-powered

Insight Synthesis Featured Resources

Check out some of our favorite ready-to-use tools and process documents from our Insight Synthesis Phase, handpicked for you by our team.

insight synthesis, tanzania, kuwa mjanja, public health, design research, design, data analysis, segmentation, planning, learning, impact, health system, scale-up, optimization, replication

Tanzania Segmentation Study

A summary of new sexual and reproductive health segmentation focused specifically on psycho-social development and behavior change pathways​ that inspired us to refine our design in Tanzania.

research, insight synthesis, tanzania, design research, segmentation, learning

Repositioning Contraception

How did we use segmentation to target the right narratives to the right audiences in Tanzania? Find out.

insight synthesis, ethiopia, nigeria, tanzania

Irrelevant, Dangerous, and at ​Odds with My Identity and Dreams

A technical presentation summarizing our research for design findings across Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Tanzania.


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