she’s at the center, every step of the way

We are reimagining how adolescents access contraception—with her, for her in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Nigeria, and beyond.

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Serving rural married girls & husbands


A360’s Smart Start introduces targeted financial messaging designed to help adolescent rural girls aged 15-19 and their husbands plan for the families, and lives, that they want.

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Serving urban & peri-urban girls, with and without children


A360’s Kuwa Mjanja delivers entrepreneurial skills and contraceptive counseling sessions—tailored to and delightfully branded for the unique needs of the 15-19-year-old girls we serve.

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Serving married, rural women

Northern Nigeria

In Northern Nigeria, Matasa Matan Arewa, the first replication of A360’s blueprint, reaches married girls aged 15-19 and their husbands through maternal and child health and skills building classes. These serve entry points to reach couples with contraceptive counseling, where they are and how they say they need.

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Serving unmarried, peri/urban women and girls

Southern Nigeria

In Southern Nigeria and in parts of Northern Nigeria, A360’s 9ja Girls provides unmarried girls aged 15-19 with a platform to gain the skills and knowledge to know that their lives are theirs to make.

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aged 15-19 who interact with A360 Tanzania voluntarily opt for a long-acting method (LARC), a number that exceeds Tanzania’s national average of 20% LARC uptake among the same age group. (Source: DHS)

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Young designers bring our own lived experiences to build trust with the girls we work with & for. When girls walk in I'm not Aunty Susan. I'm just Susan.
Susan Oluwafemi Meleki, Young Designer, A360 Nigeria
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Young people like me are normally dictated to, not worked with. A360 is different. It’s a project that gives us space to be heard.
Genet Ebuy, Young Designer, A360 Ethiopia
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I had not imagined a girl to be leading conversations [about contraception] when I started on A360 two years ago. I feel proud of this work and of what this means for Ethiopia's future.
Ayana Geneti, Young Designer, A360 Ethiopia
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We all should learn about contraception early. If we don’t learn [about] it now, when will we know about the choices we can make?
Joy, Adolescent Girl, Nigeria
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Going into the field to learn from adolescents has changed how we listen to each other. HCD has left us with a deep empathy for the girls. It assures us that all the views we raise are in favor of the girls we serve.
Edwin Mtei, Project Director, A360 Tanzania
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9ja Girls goes beyond method uptake. It makes girls know what life is. It makes them sit down and think where they are coming from, where they are, where they are going.
Agege, Youth-Friendly Provider, A360 Nigeria
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Learnings & Reflections

August 29, 2019

An “open talk” with parents

Vale a Pena designed a Peer Coaching Session, where parents would share their story about being a teenage parent, and how it impacted the way they educate their children. The goal was to spark conversation about the importance of talking to adolescents about healthy behaviors in their sexual and reproductive life.

August 12, 2019

How to meaningfully engage young people? Start by asking them.

Based on their own experiences, young people have shared what it really takes to meaningfully engage young people on project teams.

July 18, 2019

A Youth Lens on Data Collection

We asked A360 Nigeria’s Young Designer Joy Enemari for her insight into how young people’s voices power youth programs like A360 to strengthen SRH decision making, and ensure young people’s needs remain at the core, every step of the way.

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