A360 is on a mission to help crack the AYSRH code.

Across disciplines and in partnership with young people, Adolescents 360 (A360) is sparking a girl-powered revolution. We fuse adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health (AYSRH) with adolescent developmental science, cultural anthropology, social marketing and Human Centered Design (HCD).

Our goal: increase the demand for and voluntary uptake of modern contraceptives among adolescent girls 15-19-years-old across Nigeria, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

A360's Approach

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Why here? Why now?

Among adolescent girls across developing countries, there remains a persistent unmet need for modern contraception. To resolve this, many organizations and projects have contributed to the evidence-base of best practices for adolescent girls to uptake modern contraception.

But despite major investments, scalable solutions remain elusive. A360’s uptake data, however, demonstrates that when evidence-based best practices are combined –and combined with a team that offers a wide range of perspectives– adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health (AYSRH) solutions can be scaled cost-effectively at great impact and at high speed.

We go where girls tell us to go.

The evidence shows that adolescent girls’ behaviors and identification as sexually active are complex and can rapidly shift. That’s why, at every stage, girls’ questions, concerns and priorities have been at the center, driving programming from design through delivery.

Girls told A360 that they viewed contraception as irrelevant, harmful and at odds with their dreams. These insights fueled A360’s blueprint for change: delivering AYSRH solutions that use girls’ self-identified goals as an entry point to change the conversation surrounding the value and relevance of contraception in girls’ lives, today.

Since January 2018, A360, alongside a motley crew of experts from across disciplines and in partnership with young people, has unveiled four programs across three countries that speak to girls’ cognitive, social and physical life stages. Our activities bring together effective demand generation and compassionate service supply into a highly streamlined interaction.

We're doing it alongside a motley crew of experts.

By applying a transdisciplinary approach that brings the strengths of AYSRH together with adolescent developmental science, cultural anthropology, social marketing and a Human Centered Design (HCD) process,  we’re flipping traditional models of office-based program design – putting youth at the center of inquiry, analysis, design and implementation.

Here’s how our transdisciplinary team breaks down:

  • Adolescent developmental science delivered a lens to understand adolescents’ cognitive development and resulting evolving motivations.
  • Cultural anthropology allowed us a framework to understand the societal and cultural influences that shape girls’self-perception , and view of the world around them.
  • Meaningful youth engagement allowed us to engage young people as not just clients but core partners and experts of their own lived experiences. 280+ young designers joined A360’s unlikely crew of experts, injecting the design process with their perspectives on the unique cultural, religious and societal experiences that shape how girls and their influencers view contraceptives, and the world around them.
  • Social marketing has engendered AYSRH interventions that deliver vibrant, engaging brand experiences and communicate a core underlying message to girls: you are seen, respected, and worthy of excellence.
  • HCD set the framework for how our array of disciplines could work together to bring insights into action.

Together, we've created an evidence-based user journey intended to speak to and stay with girls - throughout her health journey.

The evidence that informed the user journey? You can explore it here.

We invite you to join our journey.

If we incorporate best practices from the evidence-base, and combine it with a motley crew of experts who feed fresh perspectives to refine and augment AYSRH solutions, we, in partnership with health systems, can ensure a future for girls and young women where they have the tools they need to own the lives they want.

That’s why we’re an actionable project. We’re inspiring the global community to replicate A360’s approaches and solutions. In partnership with health systems, experts, peers and young people, we’re collectively striving toward cracking the code for youth-powered breakthrough.

Explore our replication resources here, and sign up for our updates here.

Getting Girl-Centered

A360’s solutions respond to what girls say they want and need. Click the below breakouts to explore the insights that shaped how A360 is changing the conversation around contraception.

Girls express anxiety about their uncertain and, at times, unpredictable futures.

“My parents give me N100 for [all meals]. It’s not enough. Not even enough for breakfast. So how do I eat? I need to take care of myself.”

Unmarried girl, Nigeria

Girls don't always identify as, even if they are sexually active.

I’m not having sex. He had sex with me!”

-Unmarried girl, Nigeria

Many girls view motherhood as an immediate, desired and achievable dream.

“If you don’t have a job and can’t continue your education, then having a child is the only profit you have.”​

-Married girl, Ethiopia

Many girls perceive contraception as a threat to their dreams.

“They say contraception is good, but not for me it’s not good. It will destroy your womb.

-Unmarried girl, Nigeria

Community acceptance is integral. Still, girls feel a deep sense of social isolation.

“If an [unmarried] girl is sexually active, the community will hate her 
and isolate her.” 

-Unmarried girl, Ethiopia

Girls trust their mothers most. That relationship, however, remains complex.

“My mom would understand, but she would scold me.” 

-Unmarried girl, Nigeria

Our Team


  • PSI
  • IDEO.org
  • Society for Family Health Nigeria
  • Center on the Developing Adolescent


  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Children’s Investment Fund Foundation

External Evaluation Team

  • Itad
  • Avenir Health
  • London School of Tropical Hygiene

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