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Sharing the Code for AYSRH Breakthrough

Grpahic of three girls listening intently with this text on top: Hundreds of young designers, diverse experts with new perspectives, learning fast and developing cutting-edge programming that's changing the way we think and work.


If you’re looking for useful insights and tools — with a dose of radical transparency — you’re in the right place! Open Source is the true telling of our A360 experience, inspired by the conviction that our global community will get further faster by sharing what we learn. We’re not interested in sitting on secrets. We’ve pulled together our favorite resources and stories of our trials, failures, and wins to share with you.


Tips for Using A360 Open Source

3 Ways to Get Resources

  1. Start with featured resources handpicked by our team
  2. Go straight to the resource library at the bottom of this page
  3. Enter A360’s four phases—1. Inquiry, 2. Insight Synthesis, 3. Prototyping, and 4. Adaptive Implementation

“Try this today” vs “Use as reference”

We’ve labeled each resource according to how we suggest you use it. Some tools are ready for you to use right now. Others simply offer a peek into our journey, for your reference.

Help us improve

Have a question or suggestion—or can’t find something you’re looking for? We’d love to hear from you.


Explore resources from our four A360 Phases

Phase 1

1. Inquiry

What did the findings of 280+ young researchers scientists, designers, and public health experts reveal?

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Phase 2

2. Insight Synthesis

See transdisciplinary experts and young analysts translate insights into new opportunities for design.

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Phase 3

3. Prototyping

What worked and what didn’t? Learn from our rapid mini-experiments.

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Phase 4

4. Adaptive Implementation

Today, we stay curious and refine our work as we go. See how adaptation has formed the foundation of our implementation and scale-up.

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