4. Adaptive Implementation

Never Stop Learning

We’re not shy about our end goal: a future where girls and young women have the tools they need to pursue the lives they want, with contraception as a critical first step.

We know the road to that future is paved with complexity, so we set up systems to help navigate it well. On a regular basis, A360 country teams unite to think critically, using mixed methods data and ongoing partnerships with youth and local actors to continuously improve as we scale.

Together, these Adaptive Implementation teams learn from our implementation sites, considering whether and how to adapt for optimal results, while maintaining fidelity to the ‘core’ of what makes our interventions deliver value for girls.

This powerful process will take you beyond standard metrics. Your teams will come together in unexpected ways, breaking down silos, learning from the unexpected, and gaining tools to continually assess the quality of A360’s implementation and responsiveness to local needs—as seen through the eyes of our partners and the girls we serve.

Ready to give ADAPTIVE IMPLEMENTATION a try? Scroll down this page for resources and insights to help you tackle these key steps:

Assemble your learning team—including youth and frontline implementers! Agree on your learning interests Figure out what data you want (and how best to use the data you have) Assess your existing project management processes Develop and adapt tools to help you As a team, routinely analyze your project’s performance Design and test adaptations to respond to persistent challenges Take what works and apply it in new places with similar contexts

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DIG IN! Our latest technical publication documents our applicable lessons and recommendations from A360’s work in Ethiopia.
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FEATURED! Explore six resources from A360's Adaptive Implementation Phase, handpicked for you by our team.
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Dear Future Implementer, here are four things we think you should know about our Adaptive Implementation Phase." —A360 Team
photo: Benjamin Schilling

Search Adaptive Implementation Resources

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Learnings since A360’s 2018 Mid-Term Evaluation

This technical brief captures what we learned and how we pivoted following our external 2018 mid-term evaluation.

research, adaptive implementation, ethiopia, nigeria, matasa matan arewa, 9ja Girls, smart start, design, planning, learning, health system, mothers

Webinar: Learnings from A360’s 2019 Process Evaluation

Our process evaluation documents A360’s experience implementing its aspirational programming across the project’s four distinct geographies. These resources present the methodology used to develop, and top-line findings outlined in the process evaluation and the Participatory Action Research.

Featured Resources - Adaptive Implementation
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Adaptive Implementation Featured Resources

Check out some of our favorite ready-to-use tools and process documents from our Adaptive Implementation Phase, handpicked for you by our team

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A360’s Blueprint for Change

A practical guide for how to work with and for young people to drive youth-powered sexual and reproductive health breakthroughs — all with the flexibility to tailor to the contexts in which your project operates.


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