Adaptive Implementation Infographic

“Being part of A360’s design and implementation created behavior change within teams. Teams grew more open to change, and gained skills to stay flexible and adaptable so that we could remain responsive to girls’ needs. Among many things, a significant and lasting contribution of this project will be changing mindsets, starting with our own.” —Claire Cole, Implementation Science & Learning Advisor, PSIWhat is it?

A graphic detailing A360’s evidence-based adaptive implementation approach, illustrating how to stay curious and continually refine as you implement by following these steps:

  • Ask, “How do we optimize our intervention as we scale?”
  • Plan and collect information
  • Collaborate for routine analysis
  • Apply your adaptations in context-sensitive ways

How did we use it?

To stay true to our end goal: delivering interventions that resonate with beneficiaries and the health systems that will ultimately own and sustain them.

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Introduce yourself to this powerful process of A360 using an illustrated roadmap with tips and insights from our implementation science & learning experts.