Meaningful Adolescent and Youth Engagement Strategic Framework

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What is it?

This framework serves as A360’s Meaningful Adolescent and Youth Engagement (MAYE) strategy, co-developed by young people, for young people. It situates young people at the center of our work with ideas to help strengthen MAYE.

By better understanding the adolescent experience through meaningful partnerships, we are hopeful that we can gain critical insights into how health systems might better reach and serve adolescents. Leading with MAYE, A360 strives to enable young people to take full and engaged ownership over their sexual and reproductive health and their lives.

How did we use it?

A360’s approach to meaningful adolescent and youth engagement builds on insights and recommendations from project learnings and a closed-door conference held by our Young Designers. It takes these learnings and identifies ways to translate them into measurable actions to reach our desired outcome.

It is a living document meant to guide and coordinate steps on how to carry out, strengthen and streamline MAYE across the different A360 countries. It is by no means exhaustive and will continue to grow and take shape as we move the MAYE agenda forward to action.