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31 Jan
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Moving beyond talk: A practical guide to integrating economic empowerment and sexual and reproductive health into programs for adolescent girls

By Meghan Cutherell (A360), Dharini Bhuvanendra (Kore Global) and Katherine Nichol (Kore Global) The resonance of A360’s interventions have always been...
9 Jan
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Applying Human-Centered Design to Replicate an Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Intervention: A Case Study of Binti Shupavu in Kenya

By Nancy Njoki, Meghan Cutherell, Abednego Musau, David Mireri, Alex Nana-Sinkam and Mary Phillips   If something works in one place, it...
11 May
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Implementing adaptive youth-centered adolescent sexual reproductive health programming: learning from the Adolescents 360 project in Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Nigeria (2016-2020)

By Matthew Wilson, Meghan Cutherell, Abednego Musau, Sara Malakoff, Alexis Coppola, Metsehate Ayenekulu, Edwin Mtei, Fifi Ogbondeminu A360 has made...
13 Oct
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Adapting High Impact Practices in Family Planning During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Experiences From Kenya, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe

By Morrisa Malkin, Alexandria K. Mickler, Theophilus O. Ajibade, Alexis Coppola, Eden Demise, Esinath Derera, Joy Otsanya Ede, Meghan Gallagher, Lucia Gumbo,...
16 Sep
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Learnings since A360’s 2018 Mid-Term Evaluation

As a learning project, PSI's flagship adolescent sexual and reproductive health program, Adolescents 360 (A360) used its external 2018 mid-term evaluation...
8 Sep
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Seeing the Whole Girl

The presentation documents the insights that led to the transformative user experiences PSI’s flagship adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH)...
18 Aug
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Technical Briefs: The Case of A360

With powerful global evidence demonstrating the risks to maternal and child health posed by too early and too frequent childbearing, and adolescent girls...
25 Apr
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Dreaming With Girls – How Aspirations Shape Contraceptive Use

For too long, young people haven’t been a part of the health solutions that serve them. That’s beginning to change. We are increasingly working with...
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