23 Mar
Learning & Reflections - Failures

To measure innovation, we should have suited up differently

Like most projects, we designed our monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system at the beginning of the project. That works... normally. Standard projects go into design with the...
27 Feb
Learning & Reflections - Failures

18 Months of Learning Since A360’s Midterm Evaluation

As part of our routine reflection and learning, we’ve convened to consider our inroads, failures and persistent gaps in the 18 months since our Midterm Evaluation Report. What have we learned...
19 Nov
Learning & Reflections - Failures

We’re Delivering a Broken Promise to Girls

Through A360, we’ve seen firsthand how catalytic sexual and reproductive health (SRH) programming can be when we support girls to tap into their own agency to achieve their...
14 Nov
Learning & Reflections - Failures

When it Comes to Continuation, We are Losing Girls

As a global community, we’ve helped 258 million girls and women in the world’s 69 poorest countries get modern contraception.* As many as 49 million of them could stop using it...
6 Nov
Learning & Reflections - Failures

Failures in Meaningfully Engaging Young People

Since A360's start, we've committed to working alongside young people as equal project partners - and to rely on their insights to continually improve programming. In design, we collected data,...
5 Jun
Learning & Reflections - Failures

We are Getting to Girls Too Late

Did you know? The height of cognitive & hormonal development occurs between ages 8-15, when social and gender norms also begin to shape girls’ lives and perceptions of their place...
29 May
Learning & Reflections - Failures

At the Frontier of Healthcare’s Youth-Powered Future

Meaningfully engaging young people to drive their own health solutions is the only way forward. But what does that look like in practice? By: Amy Uccello, Sr. AYSRH Technical Advisor,...
30 Apr
Learning & Reflections - Failures

We Used the Wrong Messenger to Reach Girls

In Tanzania, we wanted to reach more girls at rapid speed and scale, which meant further decentralizing mobilization responsibilities and rapidly onboarding new local partners to ‘own’ this...
2 Nov
Learning & Reflections - Failures

Failing, Learning and Revolutionizing—Transparently

There are 1.2 billion young people in the world today entering their reproductive years. As Nomi Fuchs-Montgomery says, their power drives public health impact. Still, two in five...