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Research Powered by Youth

Our diverse crew of experts from across disciplines, in partnership with the young people, came together to conduct design research across three countries. Our inquiry work combined elements of segmentation research, ethnographic data collection, and youth participatory action research, structured through a transdisciplinary approach that features human-centered design. It sounds complicated. It doesn’t have to be.


Ready to give “Inquiry” a try? Follow our path…

Now see where inquiry took us from the perspectives of our scientists, designers, public health experts and 280+ young researchers. Check out our reflections and resources below.

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FEATURED! Explore four resources from A360's Inquiry Phase, handpicked by our team."
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Dear Future Implementer, don't miss these takeaways from our INQUIRY PHASE." —A360 team
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IN THE NEWS: From devex—'Safeguarding adolescents when using HCD in family planning.'"

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Informed Consent: Adults

A short script used by A360 to secure the full and informed consent of parents of adolescents, in-laws, adult male partners, community influencers, and providers

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Inquiry Featured Resources

Get A360’s Inquiry Starter Pack—our favorite ready-to-use tools and process documents for you to reference.

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Youth Engagement Webinar

A webinar that guides participants through various opportunities for youth engagement—from outreach to power sharing.

tool, ethiopia, nigeria, tanzania, youth engagement, young designers, planning, ethics, youth-powered

Ethics in Youth-Powered Program Design

A consensus statement that affirms our commitment to respect and justice—and to do no harm to the young people we work with and for.


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