3. Prototyping

Try. Learn. Revise.

Time to bring ideas to life. A360’s cross-disciplinary experts joined young designers to set about building low-cost, low-risk prototypes to put into the hands of our end users.

These mini-experiments tested our assumptions about girls, health providers, and community mobilizers. We observed their reactions, then refined and improved our ideas. The prototyping process stretched our team’s creativity and flexibility, permanently changing the way we approach our work. And it’s leading to cost-effective solutions for demand generation and compassionate service supply of contraception for adolescent girls.


Ready to give PROTOTYPING a try? Follow our path…

Now explore our PROTOTYPING resources and reflections below. Let A360 be your roadmap.

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FEATURED! Explore 4 resources from A360's Prototyping Phase, handpicked by our team.
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Dear Future Implementer, don't miss these takeaways from our Prototyping Phase." —A360 Team
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“A360 wanted to be a stew. To get in the kitchen and blend our disciplines to develop more effective prototypes.”
Claire Cole, Implementation Science & Learning Advisor, PSI

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Featured Resources - Prototyping
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Prototyping Featured Resources

Check out some of our favorite ready-to-use tools and process documents from our Prototyping Phase, handpicked for you by our team.

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Prototyping Series

A series of guides that introduces prototyping and illustrates how you can think strategically to adapt A360 components to your setting and context


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