12 Aug
Learning & Reflections

This IYD2020, #BeThere for Youth Contraceptive Needs

Access to contraception is one of many tools that equips young people with the power to make the decisions that define their lives – even now, during COVID-19.  But with stretched resources...
12 Aug
Learning & Reflections

Her Menses Matter

By Jackline Rwegasira, Adolescents 360 Youth Officer, PSI Tanzania “You’re a grown up now, so you should stay away from boys,” said my sister when I arrived home from school. It had happened...
1 Jul
Learning & Reflections

Digital Tools for Better Health Outcomes

By Isaiah Nyabuto, DHIS2 Consultant, PSI/Kenya and Judy Mwangi, A360 Evidence Advisor, PSI We confront operational constraints when we lack efficient data monitoring tools. As a result, consumers...
25 Jun
Learning & Reflections

GAC Awards PSI and MSI $CAD 19.7M to Bring Smart Start to 500K+ Ethiopian Girls

Our commitment has guided our work since day one: serving consumers – at scale – with the tools to take charge of their lives. And with new funding from Global Affairs Canada (GAC), we – PSI in...
23 Jun
Learning & Reflections - Mozambique

A Demographic Match-Up

In northern Mozambique, PSI’s Vale a Pena team faced a tall task: making contraception relevant to rural married girls aged 10-19 who, for a myriad of reasons, simply didn’t see its value. For...
11 Jun
Learning & Reflections

#FPinCOVIDresponse, as explained by A360 Young Designers

We're pivoting in response to COVID-19, with young designers driving ship. A360 young designers' insights continue to support us in responding to girls' concerns about their health, their needs...
8 Jun
Learning & Reflections

Webinar: Sex, Stigma and Young People

We know the facts: 20+ million young people globally lack access to contraception despite still needing protection from an unplanned pregnancy. COVID-19, and the resulting stretched resources and...
4 Jun

4 Lessons on Training Providers in a Pandemic

This piece is a part of A360's replication series on the UK Aid-funded Vale-a-Pena project. With and for young people, Vale-a-Pena is proving the power in applying A360’s youth-powered approach to...
22 Apr
Learning & Reflections

Young People’s Reproductive Health Needs Don’t Pause for Pandemics

By: Fifi Oluwatoyin Ogbondeminu, A360 Nigeria Project Director, SFH/Nigeria Girls’ sexual and reproductive health (SRH) needs don’t pause for pandemics. Yet amidst the ongoing COVID-19...
23 Mar
Learning & Reflections - Failures

To measure innovation, we should have suited up differently

Like most projects, we designed our monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system at the beginning of the project. That works... normally. Standard projects go into design with the...
6 Mar
Learning & Reflections

A360 is #EachForEqual. Are you, too?

This International Women’s Day, we pledge to be #EachForEqual. We pledge to create a world in which every woman and girl, every man and boy can reach their potential. We pledge to rid of...
3 Mar
Learning & Reflections

A360 Open Source Tools, in French

To read this in French, click on the orange “translate” button on the A360 Hub’s bottom left corner. When we launched the A360 Open Source, we aimed to make A360’s applicable...
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