This IYD2020, #BeThere for Youth Contraceptive Needs

Access to contraception is one of many tools that equips young people with the power to make the decisions that define their lives – even now, during COVID-19. 

But with stretched resources amidst programming pivots, COVID-19 has further extended the divide between young people and their ability to make their reproductive health choices.  

To serve young people, we need to understand young people – their specific needs and their unique experiences around life in pandemic. Their voices, by extension, must #BeThere, in the room where the programmatic and policy-based decisions happen around the solutions that serve them. 

On Aug. 12, young leaders from across PSI (including A360 Tanzania’s very own Christine Massawe), the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning, 120 under 40, Family Planning 2020 and the Self Care Trailblazers Group shared their experiences during the #BeThere International Youth Day Twitter chat – a global dialogue led by youth for youth to discuss young people’s contraceptive needs amidst life in pandemic.  

IYD2020 Twitter Chat

#BeThere to listen in – catch up on the Twitter conversation here.

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