Webinar: Sex, Stigma and Young People

We know the facts: 20+ million young people globally lack access to contraception despite still needing protection from an unplanned pregnancy.

COVID-19, and the resulting stretched resources and higher health risks posed by the pandemic, adds yet another layer to an already complicated landscape.

Now more than ever, the public health community must continue digging with the aim of resolving the barriers that limit young people from making the health choices that shape their lives. And that includes a deep dive into the social norms that stand between young people and their decision to uptake contraception.

On June 4, Marie Stopes International (MSI), in partnership with PSI and Pathfinder International, hosted “Sex, Stigma & Young People: Challenging Social Norms to Empower Adolescents,” a webinar exploring the community- to individual-based behavior changes in support of youth contraceptive access.

Led by Inonge Wina-Chinyama, Marie Stopes Zambia’s Youth AdvisorMary Phillips, PSI’s Adolescents 360 Technical Advisor, and Lydia Murithi, Pathfinder International’s Project Beyond Bias Director, the webinar explored:

  • How can we engage communities to build enabling environments for young people?
  • How can we support couples to reframe fertility expectations and plan stronger futures?
  • How can we best address provider attitudes to achieve more quality, non-judgmental services?

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