7 Sep
Learning & Reflections

Why this First Lady is Advocating for Girls

A Spotlight on Her Excellency Alhaja Kafayat Oyetola, First Lady of Nigeria’s Osun State By Kasey Henderson, Senior Associate Communications Manager, A360, PSI Removing the deep cultural and...
20 Aug
Learning & Reflections

4 Ways Donors Can Invest in Adolescents and Youth Differently

By Mary Adebisi, A360 Youth Innovation Officer, SFH Nigeria We’re still a long way off from meeting the unique sexual and reproductive health needs of young people like myself. But with...
11 Aug
Learning & Reflections

Q&A: A360’s MAYE Approach, Developed by Young People

Young people have always been at the very core of A360’s programming. And yet, attempts to meaningfully engage them have sometimes missed the mark. After all, young people are not a monolith....
4 Aug
Learning & Reflections

From Agrarian to Pastoralist: Adapting for Greater Equity

In Ethiopia, we’re adapting PSI’s flagship adolescent sexual and reproductive health program, A360’s Smart Start, from its origin as a program that serves married girls in agrarian regions to...
29 Jun
Learning & Reflections

To get gender transformative, go multi-generational

Yet for adolescent girls, the forces that shape her world too often hold her back from being able to #VoiceHerChoice. To achieve true gender equality, girls need supportive systems that enable...
24 May
Learning & Reflections

Self-Care: For Youth, By Youth

With more than 1 billion youth—people between the ages of 15-24— around the world, the obstacles that they face while accessing health services are great. Limited educational resources and a lack...
24 Mar
Learning & Reflections

Webinar: Digitizing During a Pandemic

By Kristen Little, Sr. Technical Advisor, PSI; Lola Flomen, Technical Learning Consultant, PSI; Samia Khatun, Head of Region, IPPF; and Trinity Zan, Associate Director,...
4 Feb
Learning & Reflections

Q&A: A360’s MYE Strategy, According to Young Designers

Since A360’s launch in 2016, young people have shown us that the best solutions for adolescent sexual and reproductive health (SRH) programs come from when young people lead the way. As A360 shifts...
25 Jan
Learning & Reflections

She Leads

PSI is reimagining how we can support consumers as active participants in a health system responsive to their needs. But what does that look like in practice? In her welcome letter for the...
4 Jan

Making Youth Programming Fit-for-Purpose in Mozambique

This piece is a part of A360's replication series on the UK Aid-funded Vale-a-Pena project. With and for young people, Vale-a-Pena is proving the power in applying A360’s youth-powered approach to...
15 Dec
Failures - Learning & Reflections

SSIR Publication: Design for Social Innovation

Lessons learned from A360 Ethiopia's Smart Start have helped to inform an era of social-impact design that is increasingly rigorous, experimental, and collaborative. Because as IDEO.org's Jocelyn...
1 Dec
Failures - Learning & Reflections

Falling into Place – and Learning, Along the Way

By Matthew Wilson, A360 Project Director, PSI  The end of Adolescents 360 (A360)’s first phase presents an opportune time for us to reflect on where we’ve come – and where we’re...
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