Featured Resources - Adaptive Implementation

Adaptive Implementation Featured Resources

NOT SURE WHERE TO BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY INTO ADAPTIVE IMPLEMENTATION? We’ve pulled together some of our favorite ready-to-use tools and process documents from our Adaptive Implementation Phase, handpicked for you by our team.


1. Infographic detailing A360’s evidence-based adaptive implementation approach, illustrating how to stay curious and continually refine as you implement


2. A360’s Blueprint containing some of the most significant elements of our design and approach


3. Smart Start Essentials: A handpicked package of resources for A360 Ethiopia


4. Kuwa Mjanja Essentials: A handpicked package of resources for A360 Tanzania


5. Overview of A360’s 9ja Girls in Nigeria


6. The Case for Kuwa Mjanja in Tanzania


Don’t stop there! To explore a process that stretched our team’s creativity and flexibility, permanently changing the way we approach our work, check out all Adaptive Implementation resources.