Series: Advancing Youth-Friendly Services

“Connecting girls to services that are relevant and valuable to their lives means ensuring empathy, understanding, and high quality care both in programming and in the critical moment between a girl and her provider.” —Amy

What is it?

A pair of resources built upon insights we generated together with girls—to lay the groundwork for advancing youth-friendly services. Resources include:

  1. A guide for program planners and implementers who want to make their sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services youth-friendly. This resource was developed by PSI and IntraHealth, with support from USAID.
  2. A guide for training health providers in the provision of youth-friendly health services, developed by PSI with support from USAID.

How you can use it:

Take steps to deliver youth-friendly services—ensuring young people get the care and support they need while significantly increasing health impact.



Check out the sidebar to download both tools in this series.