Dreaming With Girls – How Aspirations Shape Contraceptive Use

For too long, young people haven’t been a part of the health solutions that serve them.

That’s beginning to change.

We are increasingly working with adolescents and youth to program, together, around what matters to them today. Because as young people have told us: contraception alone simply isn’t relevant. What sticks, however, are the tools that can bring them one step closer to achieving their life dreams.

On Thurs. April 25, PSI and A360, in partnership with Save the Children and FP2020, hosted a webinar exploring what it takes to bring aspirational messaging into AYSRH programming.

Among the topics explored:

  • How can we work with adolescents and youth to program around their goals?
  • What does it really mean to listen to young people to define those dreams?
  • And how can contraception be positioned as a tool to help young people achieve their visions for their lives?

Listen in, and then share your thoughts. The link is below.

Watch the Webinar

Please note that audio starts

after the 5 min. mark.

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