Commitment to Ethics in Youth-Powered Program Design

Human Centered Design (HCD) is one approach to design-thinking, and is often paired with other health systems approaches to develop deep and nuanced understanding about what matters to people, on a deep, emotional level. There’s power in working with young people for the solutions that serve them. But that partnership must include protocols to ensure we protect young people’s integrity, dignity and wellbeing throughout our work.

That’s why PSI alongside A360 and the HCD Exchange—a representative group of implementers, designers and funders—developed the Commitment to Ethics in Youth-Powered Program Design to honor and uphold ethical principles when conducting HCD with adolescents and young people. Three pillars ground the Commitment’s principles: respect; justice; and do no harm to the young people we work with and for.

Explore the Commitment by clicking on the link below. You can sign on to join in on ensuring young people’s dignity and welfare when we put them, along with their wellbeing and data, at the center of design.

Eager to learn more? Watch our Facebook Live interview to hear how PSI, A360 and the HCD exchange, among other leading organizations, are effectively and ethically undergoing youth-powered HCD processes.

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