Data Collection Worksheet

What is it?

A blank worksheet template that helps you identify the info you need—that you already have and that you need to collect—to guide your decision-making for adaptive implementation.

How did we use it?

To make a plan for collecting needed data, based on evidence from implementation, by answering these questions:

  • What questions do we want to ask routinely?
  • What info or data will we use to answer them?
  • How will we collect it?
  • How frequently will we collect it?
  • From where will we collect it?
  • Who will collect it?
  • Who will analyze it?
  • Who will use this info for decision-making and generating adaptations?
  • What tools do we need?
  • What questions/considerations do we have about this information stream?

"Adaptive Implementation has been a powerful process for our team. It’s helped us revisit our relationship to evidence, and we can use it real time to make sure we are always focused on what's needed to deliver for girls." —Arnold Kabahaula, A360 Learning Coordinator, PSI TanzaniaConsider using it to:

Get a taste for the kinds of tools we use to help teams plan to do adaptive implementation.