Smart Start Overview

What is it?

An overview to the Smart Start program in Ethiopia at the time of its launch. This overview includes our strategies at that time for:

  • Creating a Smart Start experience for girls
  • Mobilization and recruitment
  • Counseling
  • Service provision and follow-up
  • Working at Kebele and Woreda levels
  • Smart Start sessions
  • Data tracking
  • Financial planning
  • Tips and tools
  • Best practices
  • Key messaging

How did we use it?

To provide an overview of Smart Start during our initial trainings for Health Extension Workers in Ethiopia.

 “We learned the sensitive topic of contraception for 15-19 year old girls was overlooked by the system. We needed to design a solution that fits into their lives. So we created a program that helps Health Extension Workers help young couples start their marriage strong—with financial and family planning counseling.” —Metsehate Ayenekulu, FP Adolescents/Youth Director, PSI Ethiopia

Consider using it to:

Flip through the key components of the original Smart Start design at pilot, and see how we introduced the project to key in-country partners. Consider how you might use a tool like this to orient partners to your own adapted version of this intervention.

(Note: the Smart Start intervention has evolved since its first launch, so while this is a useful resource to get a sense of the intervention, if you are interested in full replication please email us at [email protected])

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