A360’s Evidence-Based User Journey

What is it?

The evidence-based user journey that A360 works to support health systems to deliver for girls as they access contraceptive services. The user journeys were created as a research framework by Itad, A360’s third-party evaluator. We use them in A360 to inform and support our management of implementation.

How did we use it?

We used it to:

  1. Orient our teams and health system partners to the experience they aim to deliver to girls
  2. Feed into our program monitoring efforts, by using the user journeys as frameworks to generate data on girls’ experiences of our implementation
  3. Inform when and how to adapt in response, as part of routine performance management that aims to be user-centered

Consider using it to:

Think through how you and your team might want to approach your own user-centered management of your interventions’ implementation.

More? Watch the below video for a glimpse into the 9ja Girls’ user journey.