Kuwa Mjanja Essentials

“We are now seeing these interventions play out in different geographies and different cultures. We see this thing working. It's real and really rewarding.” —Edwin Mtei, A360 Program Manager, Tanzania

What is it?

A handpicked package of resources to prime you with the skills and know-how to roll out A360’s Kuwa Mjanja in your communities and beyond. Essentials include: a guide to running a Pop-Up Event for girls, as well as In-Clinic and Parents Clinic Day Guides.

How did we use them?

Kuwa Mjanja is made up of a number of interconnected activities. Each activity plays a specific role in a girl’s Kuwa Mjanja aspirational programming experience, from sparking excitement; to girls’ learning, discovery, and socializing; to service delivery and ongoing support.

A360’s Kuwa Mjanja intervention uses the events shared in this “essentials package” to deliver entrepreneurial skills training and contraceptive counseling sessions—tailored to and branded for the unique needs of the girls we serve.

Consider using it to:

Flip through the key components of the Kuwa Mjanja design, and see how we introduced events to in-country local partners. Consider how you might use these resources for your own adapted version of this intervention.

(Note: Kuwa Mjanja continues to evolve, so while these are useful resources to get a sense of the intervention, if you are interested in full replication please email us for the latest, at [email protected].)