Smart Start: Pathways to Contraceptive Access

“Through our program, girls, alongside their husbands, can map out the cost of a baby in culturally relevant terms (like, a bag of grains) to explore how spacing out child birth can help couples plan for the lives they want to live. It’s a process that is achieving rapid results: since our August 2017 pilot, approximately one in two girls who interact with Smart Start adopts a contraceptive method.” —Metsehate Ayenekulu, Adolescents 360 Ethiopia Program DirectorWhat is it?

A graphic representation of A360’s Smart Start approach—to pave the way toward contraceptive access for married adolescent girls in rural Ethiopia.

How did we use it?

To illustrate how A360’s Smart Start helps Ethiopia’s frontline Health Extension Workers to introduce modern contraception in ways that are relevant and valuable to married girls, by using targeted financial messaging to help girls and their spouses see a path toward planning for the families– and lives– that they want.

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See how we’re galvanizing enthusiasm among married adolescent girls and their husbands in Ethiopia to embrace pregnancy spacing, for the health and economic security of their families.