Team Charter Worksheet

“Being part of A360’s design and implementation created behavior change within teams. Teams grew more open to change, and gained skills to stay flexible and adaptable so that we could remain responsive to girls’ needs. Among many things, a significant and lasting contribution of this project will be changing mindsets, starting with our own.” —Claire Cole, Implementation Science & Learning Advisor, PSIWhat is it?

A blank worksheet template that we used to form an effective Adaptive Implementation team. It includes guidance on defining roles and responsibilities.

How did we use it?

To assemble our Adaptive Implementation teams, whose composition reflects two things:

(1) inclusion of the diverse array of perspectives needed to understand the quality of our intervention’s implementation (i.e. not only from our implementers’ standpoint, but also from the standpoint of our frontline providers, local partners, and, of course, the youth we serve).

(2) that teams keep alive our commitment to youth-adult partnership through implementation by including youth as members of the team itself.

Together, our team members chart the course forward for A360 interventions and the optimal approaches to implementing them, based on evidence and diverse critical perspectives.

Consider using it to:

Get a taste for the kinds of tools used to set up projects to do adaptive implementation. For more information on tools and approaches in this phase, contact [email protected].