Kuwa Mjanja: Sustainable Scale-Up Strategy

What is it?

A collection of insights into how we planned, together with Ministry of Health colleagues, for Kuwa Mjanja’s geographic and institutionalized sustainability at scale.

How did we use it?

To orient our team to how, in close partnership with government actors at all levels of Tanzania’s health system, we planned for scale-up– from Kuwa Mjanja’s original 18 regions, to sustainable coverage in new priority districts defined by the Ministry of Health, to reach 150,000 15-19 year old girls with needed, voluntary services.

“We are now seeing these interventions play out in different geographies and different cultures. We see this thing working. It's real and really rewarding.” —Edwin Mtei, A360 Program Manager, Tanzania

Consider using it to:

See our investment in partnering for country ownership, institutionalized capacity, and large-scale geographic coverage with the potential to last.