9ja Girls Overview

What is it?

An overview of A360’s 9ja Girls at the time of its launch in early 2018. This resource highlights our approaches for revolutionizing the way unmarried adolescent girls in Nigeria access sexual and reproductive health services, by providing them with a forum to gain the skills and knowledge to know that their lives are theirs to make.

How did we use it?

To introduce key initial strategies, including:

  • Girl-owned brand
  • Girl-only safe spaces
  • Skills for life, love, and health
  • Network of youth-friendly service providers
  • Opt-out individual counseling
  • Outreach and advocacy
  • Vision for scale

“Before, Nigeria only had standalone youth-friendly centers. They were expensive to manage, and turnout was very low. A360 has supported the government to integrate youth-friendly services into primary health care. Now these centers are easy to reach. As we scale up, we’re exploring how we can ensure all providers in this system are trained to be youth-friendly.—Fifi Oluwatoyin Ogbondeminu, Senior Manager A360, Society for Family HealthConsider using it to:

Flip through the key components of the original 9ja Girls design at pilot, and see how we introduced the project to key in-country partners. Consider how you might use a tool like this to orient partners to your own adapted version of this intervention.

(Note: Our 9ja Girls intervention has evolved since its first launch, so while this is a useful resource to get a sense of the intervention, if you are interested in full replication please email us for the latest, at [email protected].)