A360 Intervention Performance

“Girls care about this. It is working. We’re creating demand and opening eyes of service providers, and helping the government. So many perspectives have been changed.” —Bethelhem Mulushoa, Smart Start Insight Sr. Coordinator, A360 Ethiopia

What is it?

A snapshot of A30’s intervention performance from design through year one of implementation​.

How did we use it?

Since January 2018, the A360 consortium and its youth partners have implemented four programs across three countries that speak to girls’ cognitive, social and physical life stages. Our activities bring together effective demand generation and compassionate contraceptive service delivery into a streamlined interaction that is based on girls’ aspirations for their lives. The cost is competitive and the results are worth sharing.

Consider using it to:

See A360 performance over time as we’ve delivered for girls, from end of design phase in Jan 2018 through Quarter 4 of 2018– the first full year of implementation.