Reframing the Benefits of Contraceptives

In order to respond to what young people say they want, we need to make contraception relevant and accessible to young people’s lives. We've partnered with young people to reframe how we approach contraception. As this resource outlines, what we said and did then is just not relevant for what adolescents and young people want and need right now.

What We Used to Say and Do

  1. Adults drive adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health program design and delivery.
  2. Contraception is only for sexually active young people.
  3. Interventions disregard young girls’ dreams of motherhood.
  4. “Family planning prevents unintended pregnancies.”
  5. Counseling leads with method effectiveness.
  6. Reach young people primarily based on their reproductive life stage.
  7. Presentation of information is more clinical than engaging.

What We’re Now Saying and Doing 

  1. Young people serve as equal project partners and implementers.
  2. Contraception is also a tool for any young person with a plan.
  3. Solutions respect girls’ dreams, including motherhood for when she is ready.
  4. “Contraception supports young people’s immediate health and non-health goals.”
  5. Counseling leads with girls’ goals, privacy and return to fertility to affirm her that contraception is safe and relevant.
  6. Reach young people based on their cognitive, social and developmental trajectory, inclusive of and beyond their reproductive life stage.
  7. Use delightful framing to reinforce youth-power, potential, and worth rooted in cultural inflection points.

Explore further by downloading the shareable infographic below.


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