How Do You Start Prototyping?

What is it?

A starter tool to help you consider how you might try out prototyping with a selection of A360’s early prototype archives. Use this guide to try out the process—from testing your initial concepts to live prototyping and beginning to design for service delivery. All phases follow three critical steps:

  • Test
  • Learn
  • Revise

How did we use it?

We made this for you! This is a new tool developed to give you a “taste test” for prototyping, using a sample of A360 archived concepts. Though we wouldn’t advise that this tool is sufficient to completely design and replicate A360, we hope it’s a useful starting point to your thinking.

Consider using it to:

Inform and inspire your own prototyping processes, with the help of case studies featuring A360 prototypes.


Download this tool below. And check out the sidebar to explore our other items in this series.

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