How Do You Focus Prototypes?

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“Human-centered design is a discovery-driven process. You don’t know what the answer is going to be when you start. Prototyping allows you to build towards a solution by gathering feedback as you go. When you put an idea in front of someone, you get much richer feedback than if you were to simply ask them what they might want. This is because it's often easier to react to a tangible idea rather than that idea in the abstract’”—Jessa Blades, Managing Director of's Health program

What is it?

A starter tool featuring three core A360 components that can help you learn about adolescent users’ preferences, your program context, and the best way to reach the young people you serve. These include:

  • Inspire her: Positioning contraception so it’s relevant and valuable to her life.
  • Serve her: Delivering services on her terms.
  • Delight her: Initiating a connection to her.

How did we use it?

We made this for you! This is a new tool developed to give you a “taste test” for prototyping, using a sample of A360 archived concepts. Though we wouldn’t advise that this tool is sufficient to completely design and replicate A360, we hope it’s a useful starting point to your thinking.

Consider using it to:

Spark your own planning to design a program that is desirable to your target users, feasible and viable in your constraints, and sustainable in your context.



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