Scope of Work for HCD Consultant

“Each part of this project was special—even recruitment. We identified people with daring spirits, who push boundaries. Like A360 itself, our Innovations Team grew and changed as we advanced from one phase to the next.” —Edwin Mtei, A360 Program Manager, TanzaniaWhat is it?

A sample job description outlining qualifications for a strong candidate to serve as our in-house Human-Centered Design expert, to build the capacity of our innovation team in design processes and approaches.

How did we use it?

To recruit a human-centered design expert to join our Tanzania team. We issued this scope of work after completing A360’s Inquiry and Insight Synthesis phases—to drive forward our prototyping activities with a partner well aligned with the skills and mindsets we’d found most important to A360’s work.

Consider using it to:

Hire an expert to develop your team’s human-centered design skills and help build and test prototypes.