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“Human-centered design is a discovery-driven process. You don’t know what the answer is going to be when you start. Prototyping allows you to build towards a solution by gathering feedback as you go. When you put an idea in front of someone, you get much richer feedback than if you were to simply ask them what they might want. This is because it's often easier to react to a tangible idea rather than that idea in the abstract’”—Jessa Blades, Managing Director of's Health program  What is it?

A brief, illustrated description of our prototyping plan for design in Ethiopia. We used this process in all three countries, though the example shared here is from our Ethiopia team.

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To share relevant processes and considerations for this essential phase of A360, including prototyping development, review and evaluation criteria, and insights that inspired design.

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To inform your own prototype development. And when you’re ready to give prototyping a try in your own programming, download the worksheet below to help!