Youth Engagement Webinar

“Across our community, people are recognizing that co-design and meaningful youth engagement is really important. But they’re anxious to learn how to do it. A360 can help.” —Amy Uccello, Sr. Technical Advisor, AYSRH, PSI

What is it?

A webinar, co-hosted by PSI and University of California Berkeley’s Center on the Developing Adolescent, that guides participants through various opportunities for youth engagement—from outreach to power sharing, from participation to engagement and partnership.

“Meaningful adolescent and youth engagement is an inclusive, intentional, mutually-respectful partnership between adolescents, youth, and adults whereby power is shared, respective contributions are valued, and young people’s ideas, perspectives, skills, and strengths are integrated into the design and delivery of programs, strategies, policies, funding mechanisms, and organizations that affect their lives and their communities, countries, and world.” —Global Consensus Statement on Meaningful Youth Engagement

How did we use it?

Inspired by A360’s new mode of design and delivery with young people at the helm, our experts shared emerging insights and illustrated what holistic youth engagement looks like in practice. The presentation and video helped to increase the understanding of meaningful youth engagement and led teams to fill in their Youth Engagement Plans.

Consider using it to:

Answer this question, “We know we are serving youth, but where can we grow?” and explore the connection between youth engagement and developmental science. Build your team’s understanding of meaningful youth engagement. Kick off VCAT discussions. Share with both young people and adults on your team.

Additional resources from our community:

Click here to see the webinar.