Bootcamp Presentation Guide

“A central element of A360 is youth engagement. We needed to bring young designers to the bootcamp. They needed to be in the room from day one — and involved in each and every aspect of thisprogram that is meant for them.”—Metsehate Ayenekulu, FP Adolescents/Youth Director, PSI EthiopiaWhat is it?

Useful tips for bootcamp presenters who want to create an effective session—to share their expertise with another country team about to launch A360’s inquiry phase.

How did we use it?

Across Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Tanzania, our teams agree —  A360’s transdisciplinary approach is exciting. And it’s also sometimes really challenging. Country teams are working in ways they’ve never worked before. That’s why we created guides like this one to help teams learn from each other.

Consider using it to:

Promote cross-country support and knowledge exchange as teams embark on their own design phases.