Adaptive Implementation as an Engine for Scale-up​

What is it?

A brief introduction of A360’s approach to Evidence-based Adaptive Implementation, providing a snapshot of resources for teams as well as answers to these questions:

  • Why use an adaptive implementation approach?
  • What makes it different?
  • What makes it work?

How did we use it?

To provide an overview of this powerful A360 process that allows teams to continually refine as they implement and never stop learning.

Consider using it to:

Use as a reference, in conjunction with other resources on this site, to consider a process that is team-designed and owned, flexible, fun, and includes built-in fail-safes so that girls’ voices continue to drive and inform the evolution of your program. Adaptive implementation teams ensure that we are partnered with the local youth we serve and the government partners who will ultimately sustain these interventions throughout implementation and scale-up.