Linking Youth-Powered Sexual and Reproductive Health to Mentorship Programs

In Northern Nigeria, Adolescents 360’s (A360) Matasa Matan Arewa (MMA) reaches married adolescent girls 15-19 with contraceptive counseling through a mentorship program focus on building life, family and health skills. Mentors, only slightly older than the girls, engage girls through a series of courses that equip girls with the knowledge and power to plan for the lives, and families, that they want.

This presentation, first delivered at the International Conference on Family Planning in November 2018, explores this, and more. Click the link below to dive in.

Northern Nigeria Background

Northern Nigeria has the highest rates of female illiteracy in the country. This accounts for negative health outcomes, including:

  • High rates of maternal and infant mortality
  • Highest rate of early marriage.
  • The national median age for first marriage in the North is 16.9
  • 17% of girls are married by age 15
  • 18% of girls are married by age 18


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