Let’s Get Digital at WD2019

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Tweets: To Reach the SDGs, Let’s Get Bigger and Bolder

  • To reach the #SDGs, it’s time that we lean even further into the expertise and perspectives we each can contribute to #DeliverForGood with & for girls. #WD2019 #PowerInHerHand #AYSRH

  • This #WD2019, let’s consider what it’ll take to get bigger and think broader as we work toward ensuring that all girls can choose their own future, on their own terms. To get there, we need to keep innovating. Are you in? #PowerInHerHands

Tweets: Getting Girl-Powered Drives Impact, that Sticks

  • With & for young people, @Adolescents360 is driving new ways of delivering #AYSRH solutions—& with it, tapping into digital technologies to power frontline educators with targeted tools they need to reach the girls they serve. http://bit.ly/GoingWhereGirlsGo #WD2019 #PowerInHerHands
  • We shouldn’t tell girls what they should be doing, what their life goals should be, and why they should be using contraceptives. We let them tell us. http://bit.ly/GirlsNeedToDream #WD2019 #PowerInHerHands #AYSRH

Tweets: A360 Events at WD2019

  • Sisi Nanasi, developed w/ @vodafonefdn & @Adolescents360, is sparking a global dialogue around what it takes to work with & for young people to make contraception relevant. This #WD2019, join the Sisi Nanasi screening. June 4 @ 630 PM. VCC West Exhibit Hall. #PowerinHerHands
  • What does it take to put #PowerInHerHands? This #WD2019, join @PSIEthiopia & @Adolescents360’s Young Designer @bitania_lulu for a @UNFPA, @CHOICEforYouth, Purposeful Productions & @WITHandFORgirls event on June 5 1030 AM VCC West Room 110.
  • Design-thinking lets us lead with empathy and curiosity to dig deep into consumers’ lives. Join @PSIImpact Tanzania and @Adolescents360’s Young Designer @nazar_rosemary, alongside @FHI360, @PATHtweets & @Philips on June 5 @ 130 PM in VCC West Room 306. #PowerInHerHands #WD2019
  • When we view girls as more than just clients with #SRH needs, we can put #PowerInHerHands so she can own her health & life choices, beginning now. Catch @PSIEthiopia’s @Adolescents360 Young Designer @bitania_lulu on June 6 @ 155 PM during her #WD2019 Power Talk @ the Power Stage.
  • How can this gen of young leaders catalyze change and impact when it comes to #SRH? @PSIImpact Tanzania’s @Adolescents360 Young Designer @nazar_rosemary is taking the #WD2019 stage during a @Bayer panel. Join us! June 4. VCC West. Room 110.