Nigeria Parental Consent

“[Sometimes we] counsel the girls and advise them to come with their parents, and they don’t come back again…” —Provider and Research Participants, Chikun, Nigeria

What is it?

This presentation, first delivered at the International Conference on Family Planning in November 2018, explores whether parental consent is a hindrance or catalyst to adolescent’s access to contraception in south western Nigeria.

How did we use it?

To share insights and generate discussion to answer these questions: Though they are intended to safeguard adolescent health, do parental consent forms actually support girl-centered, girl-powered AYSRH programming? Or do they serve as a barrier to adolescents’ access to SRH services?

Consider using it to:

See key takeaways based on program experience and results from A360’s 9ja Girls, including an inconsistency between the value and intent of parental consent forms.