Emerging Insights for Design: Tanzania

“At the beginning, we had ideas about segmenting girls into two groups — ‘with child’ and ‘without child.’ But our formative research showed us that girls don’t group themselves this way. Our assumptions needed to be challenged.” — Cathreen Bukuku, Regional Operations Manager - Katavi region, TanzaniaWhat is it?

A pair of resources that bring to life what we learned from prototyping in Tanzania with (1) married girls and their influencers and (2) unmarried girls and their influencers.

How did we use it?

To reflect the voices of the people we spoke with and identify key themes and emerging insights. Our goal was to identify overlapping and divergent design opportunities for these two important youth groups.

You may notice these tool looks a little less detailed than the ones from Ethiopia and Nigeria. That’s because we’ve blinded respondents’ quotes to respect their confidentiality, in line with our ethics commitment to research participants.

Consider using it to:

See all the steps we took from conducting research to developing insights for design.



Download Emerging Insights for Design from Tanzania below. And check out the sidebar to explore the rest of the series.