Emerging Insights for Design: Nigeria

“To fellow implementers, I want to say, ‘really look at the needs of young people.’ Their needs are not necessarily what we think. This process has shown us that.” —Fifi Oluwatoyin Ogbondeminu, Senior Manager A360, Society for Family Health (SFH)What is it?

A document that brings to life what we learned from our Inquiry Phase in Nigeria.

How did we use it?

This resource reflects the early stage findings from our research for design. These are the voices of the people we spoke with that provided our Nigeria team, transdisciplinary experts, and youth partners with ​a springboard to begin considering where to focus our design efforts.

Consider using it to:

See the wide range of compelling insights that come from research for design, to get a sense of the landscape of possibilities that emerge in this early stage of design with and for youth.



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