The Youth-Powered Issue of PSI’s Impact Magazine

While the global health community focuses on the demographic dividend, PSI’s Impact magazine decided it was time to stop speaking about young people and instead hear directly from them.

This issue of Impact magazine, jointly produced by PSI and the International Conference on Family Planning organizing committee, sees a youth takeover with no fewer than 10 youth editors from around the world, including two A360 Young Designers. These young forces breathed fresh energy into the magazine, exemplifying the magic young people can bring when adults make room for them to take the lead.

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In addition to the magazine’s youth editors, find out what First Lady of Haiti Martine Moïse, Rwanda Minister of Health Dr. Diane Gashumba, UNFPA’s Dr. Natalia Kanem, Packard Foundation’s Susan Packard Orr and the Gates Institutes’ Dr. Jose “Oying” Rimon II have to say about revolutionizing the future of youth-powered healthcare.

Plus, check out the A360 spotlights in Impact‘s youth-powered issue.