Girls’ Lives are Theirs to Make

Our goal is to spark a world in which every girl is supported to achieve her dreams. Access to modern contraception is the start.

Adolescents 360’s 9ja Girls, powered by PSI and implemented by the Society for Family Health/Nigeria, works in partnership with Nigerian young people and alongside the influencers that shape girls’ worlds to deliver girl-defined Life, Love and Health programming across public health facilities for unmarried girls aged 15-19.

The goal? Support girls to identify their dreams, and then understand the role contraception can play to take them one step closer to achieving their goals.

We’ve collected stories documenting 9ja Girls’ applicable programmatic learnings through the voices of those driving forward Nigeria’s youth-powered healthcare: from the girls themselves, to the government visionaries championing AYSRH access and the youth-friendly provider at the helm in delivering services to the girls who need them the most.

These influencers are sparking a future in which every girl can dare to dream. Because as they’ll tell you: access to modern contraception is a fundamental part of making that vision a reality.