Why Prototype?

What is it?

Our introduction to prototyping that includes these resources:

  • Sample prototypes
  • Testing tips
  • Primary and secondary user identification
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Primer on measuring the success of your prototypes

How did we use it?

We made this for you! This is a new tool developed to give you a “taste test” for prototyping, using samples from A360 experiences. Though we wouldn’t advise that this tool is sufficient to completely design and replicate A360, we hope it’s a useful starting point to your thinking.

Consider using it to:

Inform and orient your team to prototyping: a challenging but valuable process that makes field-based insights and intervention ideas ready for ‘test drive’ with your key stakeholders.



Download “Why Prototype” below. And check out the sidebar to explore our other items in this series.

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