marketing plan: young adolescent girl from Tanzania smiling

Marketing Plan for Kuwa Mjanja

“In A360, brand is about much more than just a catchy logo. It’s about making a promise to girls who are in need of a trustworthy ally to support them. Brand integrity, then, is about delivering on that promise to girls. A360 has been a transformative experience-- through our disciplinary lenses, empathy and market development have powerfully merged.” —Claire Cole, Implementation Science & Learning Advisor, PSIWhat is it?

A marketing plan for A360’s Kuwa Mjanja project in Tanzania, which delivers entrepreneurial skills and contraceptive counseling sessions—tailored to and branded for the unique needs of the girls we serve.

How did we use it?

Drawing from social marketing, we leveraged the power of branding to capture adolescents’ attention and to dignify the health service-seeking process. Kuwa Mjanja created youthful branded content to generate delight among girls and demarcate the Kuwa Mjanja experience. Kuwa Mjanja’s visual marker is a pineapple (in Kiswahili, a nanasi). Use of the nanasi is meant to draw parallels between the strength of a pineapple and the archetypal “Mjanja girl.” The brand experience emphasizes initiation of contraceptive messaging via discussion of girls’ dreams, and inspirational archetypal stories of nanasi girl. The market strategy is the backbone to deliver on that promise.

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See how we brought this motivational brand to life. Explore key elements of Kuwa Mjanja’s design that impacted the way we segmented, connected with, and mobilized our target audiences.