Life Map

What is it?
A template tool to support girls in capturing the results of their life planning conversations that occur as part of 9ja Girls events. In completing the cards, girls capture their responses to questions about their life goals, the steps they plan to take to achieve them, as well as challenges they anticipate needing to face along the way, as well as supports and resources they will rely on to help them overcome these obstacles.

How did we use it?
During our “Love, Life and Health” classes, providers and counselors use the Life Map to engage girls and prompt conversations about their life goals, eventually including discussion of the role that contraception can play in helping to stay on track with their plan to achieve their dreams.

Consider using it to:
See an effective component of our 9ja Girls program in Nigeria, which delivers a combined program emphasizing girls’ life goals planning, entrepreneurial skills development, and health seeking for contraceptive counseling and services—all tailored to the unique needs of the girls we serve.