Research Snapshot: Ethiopia

“I think the different tools we used were very easy for the community. They got us straight to the issue...not a lot of beating around the bush. We got to hear what they really cared about.” —Bethelhem Mulushoa, Smart Start Insight Sr. Coordinator, EthiopiaWhat is it?

Select stories of the people we met who inspired us in our initial research phase—from contraception users to community champions. We captured these stories in all three countries, though the example shared here is from our Ethiopia team.

How did we use it?

Across 127 interviews with 295 people in Ethiopia, we heard about the trajectories of a girl’s life, how contraception is being used, and amazing stories of advocacy in the community. This only begins to capture the rich conversations we had about a complex challenge.

Consider using it to:

Hear directly from research participants and see what themes emerged.