Research Guide: Informed Consent for Adults

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“Some of these adolescents, especially the younger girls, need permission to even attend events in the community. That’s one of the reasons we made sure to engage parents. We got their involvement and perspectives early on.” —Edwin Mtei, A360 Program Manager, TanzaniaWhat is it?

A short script used by our Ethiopia team to secure the full and informed consent of parents of adolescents, in-laws, adult male partners, community influencers, and providers.

How did we use it?

Before asking any research questions, our team made sure participants had agreed to collaborate with us. We used informed consent to ensure adults knew (1) the purpose of our study, (2) topics we’d discuss, (3) how we’d ensure their confidentiality, (4) that their participation was completely voluntary, and (5) who they can contact for more information. We used this process in all three countries, though the example shared here is from our Ethiopia team.

Consider using it to:

Adapt for your own research purposes — to gain informed consent of adult stakeholders and influencers.


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