Ethics in Youth-Powered Program Design

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“You need to have ethical protections in place before diving into HCD. A360 has tools to help. Make sure to incorporate those tools EVERY TIME you go into the field. Take informed choice very seriously. ‘Do no harm’ is our first priority.” —Melissa Higbie, Director, A360

What is it?

Our commitment to respect and justice—and to do no harm to the young people we work with and for.

How did we use it?

Written for the AYSRH community, we put forth 20 principals to honor and uphold when conducting human-centered design with adolescents and youth, at every stage of the design process. We’re committed to holding ourselves—and our sector—accountable to the adolescents and youth that take part in our programs.

Consider using it to:

Guide your team’s continuous and transparent improvement, and provoke deep thinking and discussion when engaging in this complex and nuanced work.

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